Pavarti | Goddess of Empowerment

Parvati Goddess of Empowerment

“Grant you career development and a happy family life”

Goddess of Empowerment and Prestige

Help you get promoted in your career and attract a loving and happy family life.  

Parvati, mother of Ganesha, god of success. Also known as the wife of Shiva, the protector and the destroyer.

Parvati is considered as a Mother goddess or the goddess of power, and fertility. Most people will ask her for promotion in their career and also for love, children, and a happy family life.

There was once a hermit who foretell that Parvati has an auspicious character which can attract happiness to the family. Worshipping Parvati can help attract abundance and happiness to your family.

Parvati not only attract happiness to your household but also attract a good husband and also help you to raise your kids with ease, your children will obey you and will become a generous person. Parvati also will protect you from any danger and evilness.

“If you are expecting to get raised or promoted, owning Pavarti bracelet will make that happen easier and faster”  

Pavarti is the goddess of empowerment and prestige. Her conveyance is a tiger which signify power, mightiness, and elegance. Her weapon is a trident and a sword which symbolizes the conquering of evilness, determination, judgement, and domination.

In other words, Pavarti power is so mighty when compare to others. She provides victory and it is also believed that she will offer prestige and strength for her worshipers.

Especially for any woman who worship Pavarti, not only will she provide you prestige and promotion in your career but also the reverence from your colleagues and people who is under your care. This is why all single and taken women should own Pavarti bracelet.

Parvati is holding a lotus with a sword and a trident. The lotus on the reminder bracelet is the symbol of power, purity, and abundance.

The set of Pavarti comes with 3 designs

1.Eight-Petaled Lotus – Symbol of abundance, birth, development, promotion and a happy life.

2.Garnet – Symbol of friendship and faith. Help you to attain reverence from your colleagues and people who are under your care, also enhance your confidence and strength.

3.Black Rutile Quartz –  Enhance your prestige and provide you development in your career. Also attract happiness to your household, help you to raise your children with ease, and repel any danger and evilness.  

Guaranteed with World Design Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡Made from Korean nylon, scalable

♡Unisex ♡Able to wear along with other amulets

♡Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, with no smell, and no allergy

♡  Real silver coated with 18K platinum, no Nickel, natural gem  

Amulet bracelet which can be bought for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. It can help attract good things into your lives.

Some of the profit will be provide to the charity

All of our amulet bracelets have been through the consecrating process

1,890 baht each  

Can order through LINE: @ravipajewelry (with @ in front) or Click !!



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