– The Story of Love –

A symbol of the sentimental love story between two souls

through delicate heart-made jewelry.


At RAVIPA Bridal, we believe that all couples have their own unique love stories and our pieces all overflow with sentiment. Our designs are not only about pristine quality materials but also reflect and tell the eternal love between two persons.


Combined with our contemporary designs that spins a tale of love from award-winning designers, you can be sure that our jewelry would be as delicate as your heartfelt love story. Our designers would listen to your stories so that we may bring them to life in a timeless jewelry through our custom made designs made with only the best materials from 18k white gold to various precious gem stones. 


As the ruby is a symbol of love, friendship, vitality and loyalty, we have also embedded one on to the back of our rings* to encourage positive life force, protection and symbolize eternal love between two persons. It’s our pleasure to create the perfect engagement/wedding ring that can be worn everyday for the rest of one’s life.


RAVIPA is not just about wedding rings, we also offer a wide collection of meaningful life-time jewelry to serve as gifts for yourself and your loved one. 


Every single one of our delicately crafted pieces are made from the finest precious gem stones sourced from our family business, Aquarius Gems Trading Co., Ltd. Founded in 1968, the company is renowned as an exporter of precious gem stones where they offer pristine precious gem stones to craft enchanting world-class jewelry.


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*Only in select models and upon request