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RAVIPA Presented “Reminder Collection” Auspicious Bracelets, Adorned with Genuine Gemstones & Symbol of Good Fortune 

1.Qilin : The god of good fortune 

2.Pixiu : The god of wealth opulence 

3.Caishen : The god of prosperous 

4.Sun Wukong : The god of fighter  

5.Mazu : The goddess of love  

6.Guanyin : The goddess of mercy 


The god of good fortune that can repel evil and enhance auspicious of live who provide complete final protection and blessings to the people. 

Qilin (麒麟 ) is a symbol of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity by the Chinese. Sometimes called the dragon horse who has gentleness, kindness and benevolence towards all living creatures. However, the Chinese unicorn also carries a good mystical omen. The Chinese believe that he is always alone and appears only during the reign of an outstanding leader or when a great sage is born. Having “Qilin” in your environment you can hope not only material prosperity, successful career including harmony in family life, healthy offspring, longevity. 

Enhance fortune of the Emperor The set of Qilin comes with 2 designs :

  1. Deep Green 
  1. Navy 


The god of wealth and opulence that is a famous for attracting wealth luck and good fortune to home and businesses.

Pixiu (貔貅) is one of the five auspicious animals of traditional Chinese culture. Embodied with a dragon head, lion body and paw. Besides it has beard under its chin and wings at both sides with flying abilities. It is believed that it has the capability to draw wealth from all directions and it doesn’t have any anus, which signifies that it only allows money to roll in and prevent them from flowing out. Pixiu crave the smell of gold and silver and like to bring their masters money in their mouth. 

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon King has nine children and Pixiu is one of the nine. Dragons are believed to have supernatural power in changing weather and ruling the oceans and that is very naturally that its sons are all powerful. In Chinese people’s minds dragons are a symbol of power and dignity. The Chinese saying “Touch Pixiu once good luck comes, twice money rolls in and 3 times promotion all the way up.” 

The set of Pixiu comes with 2 designs : 

  1. Midnight 
  1. Burgundy 


The god of wealth and prosperity who bring in the good luck, wealth and prosperous.

Caishen (財神) is god of wealth and good fortune. In addition to a god that can bring in wealth and riches which is often worshiped in many areas of China. People worship with deity not only to attract wealth luck but to protect from disaster regarding any current financial success. He is intended to agreeable and compassionate that he will answer any prayers made to him. He is thought of like a wishful-fulfilling jewel, able to make one’s wishes come true. Nowadays Caishen still holds that position of authority and has the ability to make one’s fondest wishes for financial success a reality. 

The set of Caishen comes with 3 designs :


2.White Howlite 

3.Mix Agate 

4.Sun Wukong

The god of fighter and symoolizes cleverness, spirit and full of wisdom. 

Wukong’s name (孫悟空) is mean to represent his spiritual journey from an ignorant, enthusiastic monkey to a benevolence, enlighten existence. 

In the Journey to the West Sun Wukong’s shape directly came from Xuanzang’s journey to India which preceded Sun Wukong. It did not originate from China’s ancient legends or the story of China’s ancient monkeys and apes. Sun Wukong came from ancient buddhist script which came be viewed as the predecessor to the Journey to the West. The Monkey King is born from a strong magic stone that sits atop the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. This stone is no ordinary stone however it receives the nurture of heaven (yang) which possesses a positive nature and earth (yin) which possesses a negative nature and thus is able to produce living beings. The stone develops a magic womb which bursts open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball. People believe that The Monkey will be bring energetic, self-assured, sociable, smart and innovative. He’s stands for bravery, honesty and the power to fight evil. Sun wukong could help solving the problem and help making decisions easier. 

The set of Sun Wukong comes with 3 designs :

1.Ruyi Jingu Bang (กระบองวิเศษของเจ้าพ่อเห้งเจีย) 


3.Smokey Quartz 


The goddess of the sea who signifies a spirit of integrity, benevolence and love. 

Mazu (媽祖) is one of the most loved of all goddesses in Chinese mythology and is known as Ma-Tsu who is daughter of the Dragonand Empress of Heaven.

Mazu (媽祖) is one of the most loved of all goddesses in Chinese mythology and is known as Ma-Tsu who is daughter of the Dragonand Empress of HeavenMazu is said to be guarded by two demons Qianliyan (eyes that can see one thousand miles) and Shunfenger ( ears that can hear the wind). Before they became her protectors, both Qianliyan and Shunfenger had asked for Mazu’s hand in marriage. Mazu agreed but only under the condition that they defeat her in combat. During the ensuing battle she easily subdued both demons with her superior martial arts skills and with the help of a magic silk scarf that blew sand into their eyes, effectively blinding them. Instead of marrying her, Qianliyan and Shunfenger vowed to serve as her guardians and to never leave Mazu’s side who was once the female shaman Lin Mo (Mazu) was led the great and abiding love for her people. Mazu will help those who is a source of their courage to overcome hardships during sea voyages and she signifies a spirit of integrity, benevolence and love. 

The set of Mazu comes with 3 Design :


2.Pink Agate  

3.Tiger’s Eye 


The Goddess of Mercy

Guanyin (觀音) is the goddess of mercy and considered to be the physical embodiment of compassion. A manifestation of the Mother who along with the virgin Mary and the most beloved archetype of the mother Goddess unconditional love energy which resides in and around us for all eternity. 

Guanyin will hear the calling and come to rescue. This merciful and almighty Bodhisattva is therefore greatly loved, admired protective which is a much stronger energy than what we usually associate with compassion. The energy of Quanyin expresses is similar to what a mother feels for her child. 

The set of Guanyin comes with 3 designs :

1.Mother Of Pearl 

2.Orange Moonstone 


6 Chinese Gods Amulet Bracelets that embrace your life with a protection of god for enhancing your love, work, wealth and success for that bracelet’s holder 

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